Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

“The Last Disciple”

Pray first, before we choose or decide. Reading from the New Testament: Acts 1:12-26 Join us on Facebook LiveHartwood videos on Facebook Please click above to view directly. Everyone can click here for Online Giving. You can download a copy of the bulletin here:

From Shepherd to King: David

Sermon Title: “From Shepherd to King: David” SERMON NOTES The Story “From Shepherd to King: David” 1 Samuel 17: 40-50 / Acts 2: 22-36 1. The Shepherd 2. The King 3. The Heart People can only see the outward appearance but God sees our heart

The Deception of Misplaced Trust

Sermon Title: “The Deception of a Misplaced Trust” – Trust in Jesus alone The Reading of the Old Testament: Jeremiah 7: 1-9 The Reading of the New Testament: Acts 2: 1-21