From Pastor Scott – The Story

From Pastor Scott – The Story

On Sunday August 5, we will begin The Story. The Story is a chronological telling of the accounts found in the Bible. It is not the Bible, but a summary of the Biblical accounts. For example: all four Gospels give some account of Jesus’ birth at Christmas. The Story takes the details from all four and weaves them into one episode. In short, the Story is the Bible in the form of a novel.


We here at Hartwood will be experiencing The Story through the sermons in the worship service, youth group, children’s Sunday School and more. It is wonderful opportunity for our congregation to encounter the whole Bible in a reasonably short period of time. We will meet the people and the events that shaped our faith from Genesis to Revelation.


The Story will also show us how God’s upper story of salvation intersects the lower story of our own personal lives. As we look at the grand sweeping accounts of the Bible over 3000 years we will understand how those things impact our own individual lives today.


The Story is also a book. Hartwood has purchased copies of The Story for adults, youth, and children. There is one copy per family of the adult version of The Story and one copy per youth or child that may be picked up at the worship service. The best way to get the most out of this resource is to read the chapter in advance for the next Sunday. It is a very interesting explanation of things recorded in scripture. If a person has further questions or wants more detail, there are also notes in the back that point to the exact Biblical passage where details can be found.


The Story is a wonderful opportunity for us to get broad view of scripture in a short period of time. In an easy to understand format.


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